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MTVM provides experienced local civil, commercial, workplace, community and family mediators in the Middlesex and Thames Valley area, to help people resolve their disputes in a sustainable, confidential, informal and cost effective way

Who Are We?

  • We are a not-for-profit association of experts in dispute resolution.
  • We are a like-minded group of mediators who believe passionately in the benefits that mediation brings to people involved in disputes, and to those seeking a better way to settle differences.
  • We are a mediation provider recognised by MoJ for court-referred mediations.
  • We provide fully trained and accredited mediators for Commercial, Family, Employment and Workplace disputes.

What We Can Do For You?

  • If you are involved in a dispute of any kind, we can help.
  • We provide independent mediators from our panel, to help you to resolve your dispute in a way which meets your needs.
  • We've seen it in action many times, and we know it works, whatever the nature of the dispute.

What Is Mediation Anyway?

  • Mediation is a consensual and confidential form of private negotiation, where the process is controlled by the mediator, but the Parties are in control of the outcome.
  • Nobody can be forced to mediate, and nothing discussed or agreed in mediation can be used against anyone in future proceedings.
  • A mediation becomes binding only when the Parties agree terms of settlement, which are usually recorded in writing and signed by the Parties. Mediation achieves settlement in up to 80% of cases referred to it.
  • Mediation is facilitative, not prescriptive. The mediator is not a judge. The mediator will not decide your dispute: that is up to you. However, the mediator will help you achieve a settlement which is acceptable to you.

How Do I Appoint A Mediator?

  • Provide contact details for yourself and the other Parties.
  • We will contact all the Parties, agree a date, time and venue for the mediation to take place, provide all the required documentation, and give you full details of the costs involved.


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